© 19 May 2011 Katrin Glanz

until the air bursts

pilot project, Gropiusstadt district
Intervention in public spaces during the Football World Cup
in Berlin in the summer of 2006.

Football fever has broken out on the streets.
Katrin Glanz creates a flag showing a ground plan of the Gropiusstadt area
and carrying the flag, mingles with the fans.

Reactions of passers-by
A boy: Is that the flag of Ivory Coast? A man: They’re not even playing?
Little boy: Are you the Chancellor? It must have something to do with freedom.
A Turkish woman with three kids: Berlin bear. Mummy, look!
Katrin Glanz was politely thrown out of the Gropiuspassage shopping centre
by security staff. The event was required to be registered. A German flag, okay,
but a thing like that …