© 23 May 2011 Katrin Glanz

white kute cnube

Implementation of ideas developed in a competition as part of the artists’ worlds II exhibition, in the MACHmit!Museum Berlin, 2009
curator: Tine Neumann

265 × 470 × 350 cm
Mixed media: chipboard, carton, Plexiglas sheets, powdered potato starch, motion detectors, light, foil, wall paint, drawings, sounds, glasses, hats, crayons
Sound: Lars Löhn

Berlin children aged from 4 to 12 usually spend lots of time outside in summer. Katrin Glanz brought an experience of the coldest season of the year into the space at the MACHmit!Museum – snow. Inside the space, visitors discovered the upside-down outlines of houses and lines of text on the walls. Comments and drawings were added by visitors over time.