© 1 November 2019 Katrin Glanz

How to live in the year 2100?, 2019


A Participatory Art Performance by Katrin Glanz, 100 year Bauhaus anniversary celebrations,
Bauhaus Werkstätten, BRAND–Verein für theatrale Feldforschung e.V.

When: Friday 9th and saturday 7th of september 2019, 4 until 7 pm
Where: Bauhauspavillon near Lipschitzbrunnen, Lipschitzallee, Gropiusstadt
(U7 Lipschitzallee)

The artist Katrin Glanz is asking residents and passers-by in the park at Lipschitzallee, Berlin, to comment on this topic. 
A small stage with a megaphone is ready for them to speak up spontaneously.

Examples of quotations:
…simply in a peaceful community
…maybe colonize the moon or Mars sometime
…fewer people, but better ones
…without negative prejudices
…most likely there will be flying cars
…more rules
…lots of green
…slower, less hectic
…affordable living space for students
…education is important to me
…age of renunciation
…treating each other well
…living together in larger flat-sharing communities
…things are getting much worse, the technology, you can’t keep up with it
…I wouldn’t have an apartment, I’d just keep moving on
…I want to live with 2 friends in a villa, with a pool, everything white and windows everywhere, couch & TV the most important, mobile phones*, charging cables, everything
…give up their own possessions
…no completely digitized life