© 31 May 2017 Katrin Glanz

Hellersdorfer Dance Floor, 2017


May – September 2017, Berlin

Dance brings people together, opens hearts and crosses language barriers. And although still practiced at village fêtes, fewer and fewer people dance in public space today.
During summer 2017 the artist Katrin Glanz is inviting residents and visitors to public dance sessions in Hellersdorf. On three Sundays, different locations will be transformed into places to celebrate internationality through folk dancing from various European countries – in circle, chain and paired dances.
Other international dances are also welcome, the project being conceived to adapt to the wishes of its participants.

The Middle in Nowhere – Art in the Underground, international open competition, nGbK, Berlin




28 th May 2017


18 th June 2017

17 September 2017