© 16 July 2015 Katrin Glanz

Locals from the Märkisches Viertel are philosophizing. How should we live (together)?


How did it use to be yesterday, how is it today, and how will it be tomorrow? What is moving the inhabitants of the borough Märkisches Viertel and their guests? Is their life changing? Are their values or their dreams changing? How is the social life developing among them?

The artists Katrin Glanz has invited the philosopher Dr. Bertram Lomfeld, professor for Legal Philosophy at the Free University of Berlin and editor of the magazine Polar, to a discussion in the Märkisches Viertel.

They both look forward to a lively dicussion with the people of the borough and their guests.
Questions and suggestions which are emerging during the talk will be visualized simultaneously.

Art performance in connection with the Reinickendorf Talking and Reading Days 2015.
Location: VIERTEL BOX, Wilhelmsruher Damm, opposite of Märkisches Zentrum,
13439 Berlin
Date: Friday, 10 July 2015, 6 pm– 9 pm

Concept and performance: Katrin Glanz
Cooperation partner: Familienzentrum FACE

The performance is part of VIERTEL BOX events – an initiative of GESOBAU AG and a project of Gust & Grünhagen und relations* Samo Darian, Katrin Glanz, Kerstin Gust, Anna Müller and Katja Sussner.