© 11 November 2014 Katrin Glanz

Dead and buried  – and grass grown over

25 years ago there was a wall between the West Berlin borough Märkisches Viertel and East Berlin. The border line went right along the borough of Pankow on the Eastern side. What do we still notice about this today? Is the separation over and done with since grass has grown over the former border line? What if sheep came and ate the grass away?
Katrin Glanz uses the anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall as an occasion for an art performance.
On November 9, 2014 sheep are grazing on a large lawn at the former Wall strip. Black ones, white ones.

Location: Former Wall strip Märkischen Viertel/Pankow, on the lawn near Dannenwalder Weg 176, 13439 Berlin.
Sunday, November 9, 2014, 11 am – 3 pm.
Concept and realization: Katrin Glanz
Animals: Agricultural farm Micha Neuendorf, Blankenfelde

The performance is part of VIERTEL BOX events– an initiative of GESOBAU AG and a project of Gust & Grünhagen und relations* Samo Darian, Katrin Glanz, Kerstin Gust, Anna Müller and Katja Sussner.