© 1 October 2014 Katrin Glanz

QUARTER MIXER – Dance on the Lawn

Fewer and fewer people are dancing outdoors. What will happen if one day, in the Berlin borough of Märkisches Viertel, live music suddenly emerges unexpectedly, as it seems? If people start dancing together and pedestrians are being asked to join in? People will get to know each other. And maybe it’ll be the first time ever for them to dance like this.

The dancer Andrea Hartung and two musicians will set the beat for performing folk dances from Europe: Chain dances, square dances with couples forming circles, participatory dances. Dancing means to connect people – and to open their hearts.

Sunday, 28 September 2014, 3 – 6 pm
In the borough of Märkisches Viertel, on the lawn “am Seggeluchbecken”, close to the address Senftenberger Ring 82/84, 13435 Berlin

Concept and realization: Katrin Glanz

QUARTER MIXER is created for the project VIERTEL BOX. VIERTEL BOX is an initiative of GESOBAU AG and a project of Gust & Grünhagen and relations* Samo Darian, Katrin Glanz, Kerstin Gust, Anna Müller und Katja Sussner.