© 8 September 2014 Katrin Glanz

QUARTER CAKE – The Homemade Quarter

A Participatory Art Performance

The Berlin borough Märkisches Viertel has been given a new logo – a circle with a cut-out piece the size of a quarter. It’s evocative of a piece of cake. How could a real cake for Märkisches Viertel look like? Katrin Glanz invites the inhabitants of Märkisches Viertel to bake a cake. High-piled, flat, colorful, sprinkled, painted, covered, built-upon – there is no limit to creativity! One afternoon, all cakes will be presented on a long table. The three most beautiful ones will be awarded by the audience.

Date: 29 June 2014, 3 pm

Location: VIERTEL BOX, Wilhelmsruher Damm, 
13439 Berlin
Cooperation: Kinder-, Jugend- und Familienzentrum comX 

VIERTEL BOX is an initiative of GESOBAU AG and a project of Gust & Grünhagen and relations* Samo Darian, Katrin Glanz, Kerstin Gust, Anna Müller und Katja Sussner.