© 20 July 2012 Katrin Glanz

coming, going, coming, going

A presentation in cooperation with Petra Spielhagen, Berlin Neukölln 2012

People are crossing Richardplatz. They carry suitcases or bags. Someone is struggling with a stack
of boxes. Then a group with roller suitcases. All of them carrying something. Are they going away? Where to? Are they arriving? From where? Someone is left sitting on a bench, suitcase next to it. Stranded. Questioning. Searching. A stranger. Who are these people? Young, older, colourful, grey… What are they looking for here?

As part of the Bronx vs. Brooklyn project – an art and action camp on the contradictions of gentrification processes in urban space, during 48h Neukölln in June 2012.